Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Welcome to Burger Broiler

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Welcome to Redbowl Restaurant

Freshly Ground & Never Frozen, Simply Delicious!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 11:31

Burger Broiler Simply Delicious!

We have passion for good burgers and cheese burgers as well as for our crunchy fries and awesome shakes. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 11:30


Adventure reporter Craig Hill visits burger stands in remote areas of Western Washington, then pairs his trips with hikes to burn off all those calories. Read the story in Sunday’s Soundlife section.

Re-post , originally written on Friday, August 28, 2015 • Thenewstribune.com/Entertainment

Cushy booths, a lounge area, digital menus flashing  behind the ordering counter — and all in a sparkling clean setting in Tacoma’s McKinley Hill neighborhood. Burger Broiler, which opened in 2012, looks like a shiny chain restaurant, but there’s no mistaking the fresh beef burgers and fresh-cut fries for ubiquitous chain food.Originally from California, Abel Brambila — of local taquerias El Antojo and El Rinconsito — turned his fascination with California’s In-N-Out Burgers into his own burger concept, one he’s duplicating in Burien this summer. Flame-broiled burgers that were consistently well-constructed pushed this restaurant to the top of my list. Applying fire to the patties enunciated that beefy wallop I want a good burger to pack. On two visits, the house cheeseburger ($3.14) was built on a sturdy bun with a grill-marked patty — made from fresh beef, not frozen — sporting melted American and a straightforward secret sauce punctuated with mustard, although it could have used more. Four layers of iceberg lettuce leaves added extra crunch, along with rings of thick yellow onions and a fresh tomato slice. Pickles aren’t standard, but help yourself at the pickle bar.
BURGER SCORE: 13.5 out of 15.

Hand-cut fries were thinner and well handled, and obviously cut in house, not from a freezer bag ($1.99); onion rings were made with what tasted like minced onions, so I took a pass on those ($1.99).

ALSO FIND: Chicken burgers ($3.49-$4.49), shrimp or chicken tender basket ($7.99). Also serving frozen yogurt.

Among the cleanest destination and friendliest counter help of any visited for this tour.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 11:26


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