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Saturday, 30 September 2017 03:22

Noroeste Unido Featured

UPDATE! Noroeste Unido Final Count $47,200

During these past two weeks, without missing a step, all our employees as well as the corporate office personnel, got together to organize an efficient fundraiser that ran smoothly within our usual fast-paced and busy days at all our locations. We collected funds from our awesome clients and friends, welcoming each and every dollar that was given with a loving heart. All with only one purpose in mind, to provide relief to the needs and heartache that our neighbors, family and friends in Mexico, in the south United States and Puerto Rico are going thru after the natural catastrophes of September 2017.

This campaign began with a total of $1152 by the end of the first day, which was Monday October 2nd, the amount collected between what was donated by our clients and out matching funds. By the end of the weekend before last we had $24,028. Today Monday, October 16th, the campaign is officially over and our collective total is 47,200!

We are aware that our efforts might be small as the needs are enormous, but we are still so thankful to all of you who made it possible, including all the media outlets that helped us spread the word. We also want to encourage everybody to keep on giving however you can, as these tragedies will not be solved in the short term, and unfortunately, others might come.

The next phase of our campaign is to arrange for the delivery of all the funds collected. In the following days, we will share photos, videos, testimonials and all documents to show our efforts are not in vain. So, please visit our sites and social media pages to keep up to date on how we’re utilizing the collected funds.

As we stated during our campaign in 2013, we are so moved, so proud and so thankful to live in a beautiful state and of its people that hold such high civic stature and hearts of gold. We know once again that we can count on our customers, friends and employees to thru when help is needed and will forever be grateful for that.

United we made a difference!


Lets join together to make a difference

Disaster relief fundraiser for the  hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and the 8.4 and  7.1 earthquakes in the south and centralregions of Mexico.

You give $1 and we’ll double it, Up to $30,000!

Starting OCTOBER 2nd to OCTOBER 15th, stop by any El Rinconsito, El Antojo, El Sazón or Burger Broiler locations and contribute to our campaign to aid those affected by the recent devastating natural disasters in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 from our clients and friends, amount that we will happily match to come up with a grand total of $60,000. Keep informed on the progress of our efforts every day, by visiting our websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instragram:


Many thanks for your support:
KUNW Univision Yakima
KVEW ABC  Tri Cities
The Seattle Lesbian
B-Town Blog
Siete Días
El Mundo
El Rey 1360AM
La Zeta Network
La Grande Network
La Máquina 98.7FM

Rules: Minimum individual donation $1.  There is no maximum limit for individual donations. The maximum donation of El Rinconsito, El Antojo, El Sazon y Burger Broiler, collectively shall not exceed $30,000. There are no donation reimburstments. No purchase necessary.  Date  and distribution of funds, final destiny and chosen agencies  will be shared with everybody in our websites and social media. Fundraiser dates October 2nd to October 15th, 2017 

Got Questions? We've Got Answers email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Send us an Inbox Message at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BurgerBroiler/

In 2013 El Rinconsito and El Antojo  had a similar fundraiser, when hurricanes, Manuel and Ingrid, devastated central and south Mexico. On that occasion, Taquería El Rinconsito together with Taquería El Antojo, committed ourselves to match donations that customers and friends contributed; successfully raising together a grand total of $33,906 dollars. This time we want to give  our customes the opportunity to help.

Here is a summary of what was achieved in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxA9luJO0ss

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